The Varied Uses and Utility of Drones in Present Day 

Technology has brought the human race to the pinnacle of human development and civilization ad has placed us as the apex predators in this planet. They say that humans should not have been the ones at the top of the food chain yet here we are because of our ability to build tools, and harness technology that can help makes our lives better and at some aspect easier. 

In the topic of technology, one thing that stands out is the development of drones or UAVs. In recent years various developments has been added to its technology making it one of the most developed inventions today. As for its utility it has found its way across many different uses in human life, here are some of its notable utilities.  


This goes without saying the development of drone technologically was intended for the usage of warfare. With drone technology countries has been racing to purchase and develop their own drone technology for their national defence. 

One of the most notable features of a drone use in war is that it lessens the risk of life of a serviceman because the drone is remotely controlled, yet as it has its strengths, one of its weaknesses is that it increases collateral damages with its uses in war.   

Delivery and Logistics

It was Amazon who first came up with the idea and proposition to deliver packages with the use of drones and not long later, it is now a reality and not only them but other companies as well has made the feat of delivering small packages through the use of UAV. 

While it is great because it lessens cost and it can delivery accurately given a specific range, one of the problems is that there are people who pirate the parcels being delivered along the way by shooting or catching the drone. Thus, it was proven not to be a fool-proof delivery method after all. 

Land Surveying

One of the key features of drones in not just its ability to fly and be remotely controlled but also its ability to give a video or picture feedback from the camera installed on it. This feature makes the drone a very helpful in the field of land surveying and wildlife monitoring. With drones’ properties with broad land areas could be surveyed accurately. Drones could also be sent to drop markers around areas which are hard to reach for a surveying company. 

Livestock Business

As we all know that drones are used in agriculture in terms of monitoring and spraying needed chemicals for vegetation protection, its uses are also now observed in livestock businesses. With a broad scope of land to cover, ranchers now use drones to aid them in the monitoring of cattle and other livestock which are free range. Instead of using the traditional small chopper, they deemed that drones are more reliable and are relatively cost efficient than using choppers which consumes large amount of fuel to operate.  

UAVs have been one of the greatest technological developments that we have seen in our time, it has been a great tool and has seen so many different variations and developments as its uses and utility has seen great applications for human activity. 

the authorKelanMcloughlin