How to Make Sure Children Use Technology Responsibly

As parents, the permanent existence and advancement of technology is something you will need to accept. With the whole pandemic taking over and affecting almost everything in every way, technology is becoming more and more of a necessity in the household – no doubt. Nevertheless, you can teach your kids to use technology responsibly and wisely. Here are some tips that should help.

Small Practices are Key

If you want your kids to learn something, you need to show them how by practicing it yourself. Keep in mind that the same rules you lay down for them apply to you as well, when it comes to the use of technology, at least! 

Whether a toddler or a teenager, they sure do learn through all your little actions, such as putting down your phone and listening to them when they speak to you, or putting your gadgets out of your bedroom during bedtime, and letting your email notifications wait till morning to be opened. 

Learn With Them

Learning and exploring with your kids should help you both learn. Take a moment to explore helpful apps with your child and pick out those that they find helpful and will benefit from. You can choose and decide together, establishing a better bond so your child is not going to see you as an extremely strict parent. You would not become one if you spend time looking for and using apps together. The more you know what your child is doing, the less there will be a need to make restrictions. 

Consider a Usage Contract

This may not be a bad idea at all. A device usage contract should help your children understand the concept of ‘responsible usage’. Keep your contract as simple as possible, and get them involved as you draft it. Doing it together should allow them to understand they you impose restrictions, if you do in future, and help prevent riots. 

Have Mandatory Tech Free Family Time

Think about how it works for you best and set mandatory technology free time, be it in the weekends, even daily if you can afford it. Your tech free time can be as simple as a meal together at the dinner table, or a little more productive such as a day at the beach or a planned hike in the mountains. There’s no need to stress, just look for ways to bond and strengthen your connections through communication.

Encourage Physical, Creative, and Non-Tech Activities

As parents, it is important that you encourage your kids to engage in sport and creative activities so they develop in various, healthy ways. By making sure your kids are focussed on useful activities and hobbies, you are giving them less time to turn to tech whenever it isn’t required. 

If you notice that your child has specific interests, in sport or music for instance, even painting, consider it a blessing indeed, because they might be one of a handful that manage to find interest in anything that is non-tech and healthy, in a highly tech-struck world. 

the authorKelanMcloughlin