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5 Ways to Increase Your Follower Count on Social Media

Social media is a platform widely used by almost all individuals around the world. Different apps enable people to access social media and upload content based on their thoughts and opinions. On the other hand, the contents are uploaded to make money as the business is run online.

Therefore, no matter what content you post if you want it to reach out to a lot of people, you need to have a good follower count on social media so that it can easily capture others’ attention. Nevertheless, attaining as many followers as possible is often very difficult for some.

We got you covered with some tips you should know if you are serious about increasing the number of followers on your social media handles. Keep reading to find out how.

1. Decide on your social media goals

The first thing you need to work on whether it is a personal profile or a business profile of yours is to decide what kind of content you are hoping to promote on social media and what are expecting in return.

If you are running a business profile, your goal would be to make the content reach out to a lot of people. Likewise, if it is your personal profile on which you would like to share about yourself and inspire others through your content, you would have a similar goal.

So, firstly, ponder the goals of creating a social media account and post your content accordingly.

2. Beware of the quality of followers

Although gaining many followers can be difficult, there is an option you can purchase followers so that your social media following would increase instantly.

This can sound and seem smart, but not a great idea because those followers in reality will never engage with what you post. Furthermore, buying followers can break the terms and services of a particular social media application. This will eventually remove the fake followers or you may end up losing your account permanently as well which requires you to start from scratch.

3. Note down the time to post

By handling your social media if you upload content very frequently, you will be well aware of the time that will help your content be seen by many around the world.

You can make yourself aware of this by going to the activity area of the social media handle and checking out for yourself what are the peak hours in which the greatest number of people react to your content.

Then, when you post next time, you know during what hours you should share your content on your feed.

4. Post content that can be reshared

It is up to you as to what you should post on your social media pages. Nonetheless, it is also great to often share content that people would want to reshare and share with their followers.

You can share content that voices out your opinions for the general public, funny content, content that talks about a trend. Above all make sure it fits your feed and be creative with the posts.

5. Make use of hashtags appropriately

Using hashtags below the caption of your content is an amazing way of capturing the attention of many individuals for your content. But make it a point to include hashtags that are closely relevant to the type of posts you share as well as include a few important ones.

Additionally, avoid using hashtags under which a lot of posts can be discovered because it will be difficult to discover your post under such hashtags. 

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