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Get Your Groove On with the Stir It Up Turntable at Our Store

Now that you’ve seen just some of the ways you can bring back the sound of vinyl to your home are you ready? You won’t find a better coaster than the Stir It Up Turntable! Welcome to our store, let me guide you as we take you through a musical tour, with the greatest artists and their great music. Okay boys and girls, we’ve had enough of sitting idly, so let the music draw us in and dance we will!

The History of Turntables and Vinyl Records

Have you ever asked yourself how turntables and records as a music playback system came to be? Now it is time to have a little look back and find how it all began – a story of these interesting companies.

 The process of sound reproduction has been in existence many years back, way back to the late nineteenth century where Thomas Edison came up with a phonograph which records the sound data in cylinders. Moving forward to early twentieth century technology then advanced to the use of flat discs as a better means of recording music.

Record players started to gain a rapid acceptance in the mid twentieth century and became the most used format in music up to the arrival of digital media. Although the use of electronic devices has remained rampant, there are still individuals that prefer the warmth that comes with the analog sound found in vinyl.

Today, turntables have somehow made a comeback into present generation and contemporary music in particular with even more fantastic music than before. People have not lost touch with classic music format; instead, they crave the feelings they get when they listen to vinyl records.

So whenever you put the record of your favorite album on the turntable, you should keep in mind the historical background of this amazing invention that has honed our passion for music appreciation.

Features and Benefits of the Stir It Up Turntable

buy stir it up turntable at house of marley its aesthetic design that will suit any music lover. This turntable boasts of a bamboo plinth with a built-in preamp which gives it the appealing look and utility. This is made possible by the belt drive system that provides smooth belt drive which enhances the sound quality when playing vinyl records and the other feature includes the pitch control that enables the user to have control of the pitch of the vinyl records being played.

Being a record turntable, this product comes with a replaceable Audio-Technica cartridge that provides crisp sound output quality. The USB connectivity allows for relying on the hi-fi audio without the need for other devices as a means of connectivity. On the same note, the included dust cover comes in handy in shielding the turntable from dust and other petty emissions that may otherwise reduce its usability.

The Stir It Up turntable allows you to enjoy vinyl records like they are of the old days with all the features of the new era. Novice or veteran listener, begin your journey in the wonderful wireless world of analog turntables with this turntable today and discover a new level of audio pleasure.

How to Use and Care for Your Turntable

Are you poised for spinning discs on your fabulous Stir It Up Turntable? Well, I think it is necessary to go deeper into how to use and how to take care of such beauty!

First of all you need to orient your turntable in a proper way and ensure that it sits on a solid base. Do not place it near a heater or expose it to direct sunlight as this would continue to spoil your records.

Next, try to secure the needle lightly on the record’s surface before pressing play. If necessary, change the options that influence the speed of the performance in order to achieve better sound. Oh yeah I remember, never leave your records on one side once its played up or down to the end, remember to turn it around.

Clean the stylus with a gentle brush dipped in cayenne pepper to maintain your turntable. usage a microfiber towel to clean the platter after each usage and avoid scratching it with abrasives.

Cover your turntable with a dust cover or case when not in use to prevent dust buildup.

As long as you properly maintain your Stir It Up Turntable, you will indeed enjoy continued music from it.

Recommended Vinyl Records to Add to Your Collection

As for the adds to her vinyl collection, the possibilities are practically limitless. This world is infinite and so is music – everybody can find something that he likes whether it is a vinyl or a digital record.

 If one is into new age music, then it is suggested to include Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue album or John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme into the audio-listening experience. Grateful to you for these great pieces of music in our renovated home. I am ready to listen to them all and feel like in another epoch with these soulful tunes.

If some of them is a Rock fan he/she may wish to possess Led Zeppelin’s eponymous first album or Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon”. These records are sure to make you start nodding your head in rhythm with the beat almost immediately.

If you prefer something more bizarre there is Björk’s ‘Homogenic,’ or, conversely, Kendrick Lamar’s profound album ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’. The listed records can produce a distinct listening experience and you will probably have never heard anything like this before.

Whether you like pop, rock, punk, jazz, blues, or hip-hop, collecting vinyl is the best sensation. There are many new songs and albums, so try something new—you might find better ones!

Comparison with Other Turntables on the Market

Nowadays vinyl turntables can look more or less the same but to find the perfect one for yourself the Stir It Up Turntable is the solution. This attractive turntable from Amazon comes with affordable prices, quality construction using eco-friendly materials, and high fidelity sound quality.

There are, however, other turntables with equal or even superior characteristics available in the market, but what makes the Stir It Up Turntable stand out is the marriage of style and function. Its versatility in those different types of vinyl records it can use and the simplicity of its operation make it highly preferred by the new and the experienced users in Vinyl Record collecting.

That is why it should not be a surprise to finally get only the best from the Stir It Up Turntable. Come and see this fantastic piece of equipment for yourself and persuade your friends to purchase it from our store so as to listen to all the nice tunes. It’s time to get all charged with the Stir It Up Turntable; so, gear up and start dancing to your favorite tracks.

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