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5 Tips to Make Your Small Home Look and Feel Bigger

Have you been looking for ideas to make you cosy little home look more open, airy, and a bit more spacious? Here are a couple of great tips that should work wonderfully! 

The Clutter Has to Go!

Clearing out the stuff that’s lying around should not just make your space look neat and tidy, but make it feel like you can breathe easier. Try to get rid of as much clutter as you can to create more space. If you really have to have all of the stuff in a specific space, you could have them neatly arranged and organized, on shelves or behind doors, perhaps. Many small pieces of furniture can contribute to the cluttered look, too. Choose a few large pieces instead, so your warm little home will look and feel bigger than it really is.

Leave Open Spaces Where You Can

The more floor space you see, the larger the room will look. One common mistake a lot of people make is placing the furniture in such a way that blocks walkways and other spaces that can actually be left open and free. 

This would naturally result in your room, or the entire home looking cramped. Look for smarter ways to use your spaces economically. For instance, choose short pieces of furniture wherever you can, so you can see more of the room. If you have tall pieces – furniture or décor, you may want to place them along the wall so there is more floor space visible to the eye. 

Colours Matter!

The colour palette you choose matters more than you know, in terms of how large or small a space can appear. Choosing dark, warm colours for your home can make your home feel cosy, however, if space matters as much to you, you may want to go for lighter, softer hues instead. Somehow, cooler colours never fail to give a living space a free and airy look.

Along with this, you may want to go with combinations of colours from the same family for your furniture, upholstery and drapes. The right colour coordination matter because it could make a significant difference when it comes to the space factor. Try your best to avoid sharp contrast – it can hinder the open appearance you try to achieve. 

Light Up the Space!

Small indoor spaces can look larger when it is properly lit up. Plenty of natural light is always the best. However, you can opt for artificial lights as another option. Remove thick, heavy drapes that block natural light from coming in. Light, airy fabrics are always the way to go. Do everything you can to let in all the light there is. The lighter and brighter, the more spacious it will look.

Mirror Magic

In case you didn’t know, the use of mirrors is one great way to make your space look magnified. Try it and you’ll see for yourself how the art of reflection works beautifully. Consider a mirrored top for your coffee table or place a giant framed mirror up against the wall. This trick should never go wrong, and you’d absolutely love the enlarged effect it creates.   

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