Major benefits now available through
Energy Matters and Payright

Energy Matters is proud to announce our new partnership with Australian payment plan
provider Payright, which comes with a range of benefits for merchants.
Payright is a’ buy now, pay later’ service that lets members turn large payments (up to
$10,000) into easier to manage, bite-sized ones – the perfect solution to entice your
customers to install a solar system and battery setup this summer.

For retailers and merchants selling solar power arrays, batteries and other renewable and
green products, this presents an opportunity to reach a wider customer base and convert
during the peak period.

While solar solutions are becoming much more affordable (including battery systems) and
the benefits mean that they quickly pay for themselves, having the money to outright
purchase solar systems and batteries remains a barrier for many Australians.
Furthermore, COVID-19 and its impacts in 2020 have also meant that people have been
forced to tighten the belt, which makes large purchases difficult. But Payright and Energy
Matters is making it simple for solar retailers to put together easy and manageable payment
plans to combat these challenges.

How Payright works

Unlike other ‘buy now, pay later’ platforms, Payright has been specifically established to
assist with larger purchases like solar panel arrays and battery solutions. Merchants receive
the full cost of the items on the day while consumers are able to pay it off over time, but
receive the product(s) straight away.

Payright is 100 per cent Australian-owned and operated, and was founded by brothers Piers
and Myles Redward in Melbourne. It is also privately owned.

Retailers and merchants can sign up for Payright through Energy Matters and earn
large benefits immediately.

Through Energy Matters’ new partnership with Payright, all retails or merchants will receive
immediate benefits if they sign up and become accredited through the Energy Matters

This is an ideal opportunity for solar and battery retailers, but this offer is not restricted to the
provision of renewable energy services and any provider or merchant can take advantage.
All retailer or merchants that become accredited with Payright before end of the year will
benefit from:
● Promotional merchant fees
● Two months deferred payments for their customers
● 0% deposit.
This service has been put together to help inspire more Australians to purchase solar and
battery solutions and to give retailers and merchants a platform to encourage their customer
base to do so.

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