Crucial Travel Checklist for Adventurers in 2022

Going on an adventure and traveling abroad is an even that has to be planned and prepared for prior to actually doing it because it is not an easy thing to do and it would be pleasant to go travelling with an unprepared mindset, there will be a huge chance that you might end up having a really bad time or fall into a disastrous adventure in a certain place or country, not unless if you are filthy rich where you can jump into a jet just anytime, but in reality we can’t really do that can we? So how do we really prepare for a trip abroad? Here are some of the most important checklists that you can go through. 

Passports and Documents

Make sure that the documents are settled and prepared prior to going on trips because it will be the most important assurance that you have in going back to your place. Regardless if you will be staying long or will have a series of travels planned, always make sure that the documents such as IDs, passports, visas, and other pertinent documents are secured and safe for the trip ahead. 

Medical Clearance

With some countries that still has stringed and strict health protocols make sure that when you arrive there you follow what their law dictates that should be followed, remember that you will be entering their country thus their rules are the ones that should be followed regardless of your views. Have medical clearances ready and prepared in case that they will be checking and will go looking for it, which they will most likely do given the circumstances surrounding the pandemic. 

Travel Itinerary

Plan ahead the trip so that you will not be wasting time getting lost or not knowing what to do or where to go. Make sure that when you go on a trip you also research on the place where you will be going and look for great places to visit while there, this way you have planned out your itinerary and where to go and most likely when to go there. Also having a travel plan will also save cost from transportation fees and other extra cost that might come in when you go on a trip where you might get lost or has no place to eat at. 

Travel Essentials

This goes without saying that you also have to bring the essentials with you such as clothes, a sturdy backpack, your phone and phone chargers and other accessories for documentation and even essential medications. You will have to make effort to make the trip as enjoyable as possible without any room for any untoward incidents that is why you have to be extra detailed with the essentials yet you also have to consider the weight of the baggage that you will be carrying along the way.  


Always prepare the budget and always go all out and with an extra room to spare. The reason behind this is that one has to take into account that other countries have a different currency and that you’d have to be ready for a budget based on the value of their currency, not the value of yours. Thus, one has to have an ample amount for any contingency that might happen during the trip. Also, one has to have that much budget because everything you do during the trip will be paid for from lodging to food and other necessities. 

Even if much of the world has changes since the pandemic hit all aspect of human life, it should not stop us from going on adventures and discovering the world around us, appreciating cultures, building bridges, and discovering ourselves in the process of going out of our comfort zones. 

the authorKelanMcloughlin