This twisted and very cute animated PSA was created by Melbourne Metro as a reminder that getting hit by a train is the dumbest way to ...

Drum Solos rule. But Guitar Solos also rule. So how do you decide which is the ruling-est? Simple. Sort of. You take two righteous Auss...

Makes Wonderful

24.10.12 — Film, Motion

Cute campaign from Toby & Pete for dance music festival Field Day - witness the Makes Wonderful machine.

Checkout the brand new showreel by XYZ Studios.



04.10.12 — Digital, Motion

Australian documentary "Immortal" has won an Emmy!The victory couldn't be sweeter because this is the first Australian documentary whic...

The Human Touch

The Human Touch

27.09.12 — Motion, Online

The Human Touch is an online artwork which connects and celebrates unique human moments through a series of motion snippets. Jump on an...

Pause 2012

Pause 2012

26.09.12 — Design, Digital, +4

We are very proud to be supporters of one of the most forward thinking creative festivals happening in Australia at the moment, Pause. ...

Exit Films

Exit Films

20.09.12 — Advertising, Film, +1

Coming back from judging at the Spikes Asia competition in Singapore I was very impressed by the level of creativity around Asia, parti...

FeatherDuster is an interactive tool by Conduct for visually arranging, discovering and understanding the world's Twitter stream as it ...

Michael Tan

12.08.12 — Motion

Great work by 3D Artist Michael Tan who's currently residing and freelancing in Berlin, Germany. Be sure to visit his site for more. 

Graphic 2012

19.07.12 — Film, Motion

The Graphic Animation Competition is back for 2012 and it's even easier to enter. No specific brief has been set so you have free range...

The Fox And King

The Fox And King

17.07.12 — Art, Digital, +2

The Fox and King is the brainchild of Freelance Illustrator/Animator Glenn Thomas and he finally has a new portfolio site live! Head ov...

UA Spine

UA Spine

17.07.12 — Advertising, Design, +2

Aussie Creative Director Christian Layugan of Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami Florida was lead creative for this awesome new spo...

Emma Freeman directs Cocorosie's new music video 'We Are On Fire'. Beautiful cinematography, some of the best slow motion work I've s...

Those who know me know that I'm crazy into cars, especially Japanese cars and more specifically Japanese car tuning culture. Massive su...