Studio 615 Down Time

Studio 615 - 'Down Time' group exhibition


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'Down Time' is a group exhibition featuring the work of creative collective, Studio 615.

A follow up to last years successful Melbourne show, "Time Flies", artists Mike Danischewski, Silk Roy, Sam Octigan, Marcus Dixon and Doug Aldrich have come together once again, this time taking what they do to The Tate in Sydney for one night only

Another insight into how the artists work, both personally as individuals and as a collaborative group. This next installment features more works on canvas, paper, wood in a broad range of mediums, as well as a range of printed matter available on the night.

6-9pm, Wednesday 5 November
The Tate, 123 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, Sydney
Drinks provided by Cricketer's Arms.

More details on the event page.

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