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I can admit it, I get a little fan boy over certain designers. Paul Foug is one of them. Why? Well, not only his work delightful to look at, it's wickedly clever too, and so is Paul.

Paul has an upcoming talk with AGDA titled 'Appropriation and Restraint' happening at the Centenary Auditorium, Art Gallery of NSW, on Wednesday the 19th of July.

A bit about the talk:

Is appropriation a dirty word or an important design tool?

Starting the design process with an empty plate and then filling the plate is an illogical way to practise design. Yet the obsession with the new and the desire for design to be expressed in resolved solutions means the design process often follows this logic.

Appropriation in art has been practised for years but appropriation in design can be seen as a dirty word and is often linked to plagiarism or copying. But appropriation is an important tool for all designers. There are two specific meanings of appropriation when applied to design. Appropriation as a designer – using pre-existing objects / forms and systems and altering their meaning through changing their context. Appropriation as a user of design – using a product in a way that was not foreseen by the designer.

Tickets are on sale now.

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