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I first stumbled across the work of Nerdgore around 4years ago at a Clowns’ merch stand (
They’re one band that’s always had impeccable taste in artwork and it shows in the artists they choose to collaborate with. But this tshirt, well this one was above and beyond.
After finding out that the artist was Nerdgore I immediately started following @artofnerdgore on Insta and I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to do the same.

Nerdgore seems to regularly have interesting and widly varying projects on the boil, which compelled me to get in touch with him and asked him a few questions to get to the crux of what he’s all about. So let's Larry King this thing:

What artists were early influences on your style?
There are so many to mention. Essentially, I taught myself to draw whilst reading 2000ad as a kid/teen so Mike McMahon, Kev O’Neill, Steve Dillon, Simon Bisley, Kev Walker, etc are essential components of my artistic DNA. Then the very British world of tabletop gaming had a massive influence on me too; illustrators like John Blanche, Russ Nicholson, Wayne England, Gray Chalk, Iain Miller. I love aesthetics, that collective ‘feel’ you get from bodies of work created by different artists at the same time. So for 2000ad, the various aesthetics of the comic between issues 500 and 1000 are hugely influential for me. And likewise with Games Workshop, Fighting Fantasy , Lone Wolf etc at the end of 80s and first half of the 90’s. Those are the ‘golden’ periods for me.

Did you have to work or practice to create your own style or did it come fairly naturally as you started?
It’s not something I consciously did. I think as consumers of art/illustration we all have certain tastes that appeal to us and things that don’t. I’ve always gravitated to detailed, heavily ‘inked’ styles and particularly like traditional brush/dip pen work with an organic feel. The more I like something the more I find out about it and then want to try it… it kind of just evolved from that.

What would you say your main motivation or influence to get into the illustration game was?
It’s hard to say what motivates me. I love the actual process of drawing and especially inking. To me it’s a skill to try and learn and one that you can always get better at. I find that motivates me more than anything to just create stuff and push my own abilities. I also love coming up with characters and creating worlds, riffing off the deep vein of nostalgia that runs through my work. I enjoy commissions, but it’s my personal work that motivates me the most.

Do you get involved with any other creative fields (graphic design, music, writing etc)?
Not really. I do like writing and will eventually combine the two and draw my own comic or create a game book. I did try and become a horror writer in a dim and distance past, but it’s best left forgotten haha.

Any peers or current talent that you are digging in the illustration/creative fields?
There are so many. You only have to swipe down on Instagram once and some new fully formed illustrator pops into the ether. I tend to gravitate towards those illustrators that carve their own path and do stuff that might not be trendy or whatever, but has a hell of a lot of heart. Off the top of my head: Daniel Shaw @shawillustrations, Scott Wygman @darkwizard_bezerker, Matt Stikker @bargainbinblasphemy, Elle Taylor @smelly.ell, Cal Sino @cal_sino

Kiss/Marry/Kill – Judge Death, Judge Dredd, Judge Anderson...

Kiss: Has gotta be Anderson…

Marry: Probably Judge Death… I have him tattooed on my leg so that’s kinda married anyway

Kill: Judge Dredd… Imagine being the artist that got to draw The Death of Dredd and with the obvious ending scene of his helmet being removed… amazing!

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