NATIVUS | Shane Willmett


Art, Illustration

When Shane Willmett isn’t spending his time gradually architecting, he plunges into a bottle of Indian ink to produce some beautifully detailed works on paper. And next Monday he’s putting these on Public display.

NATIVUS is an exhibition of 10 works in Indian Ink on Arches paper by Shane Willmett. Willmett grew up in a rural town in Far North Queensland, surrounded by paddocks, agricultural lands, bush and vast grassed fields. It is this kind of nature that has inspired these latest works of native flora and insects that will be on show at Public restaurant in Brisbane this Monday. In his work, Willmett tries to reveal a stillness in otherwise animated subjects and a beauty in otherwise unseemly forms.

small works in Indian Ink
by Shane Willmett

Date: Monday, 24 March 2014
Time: 7pm
Place: Public, 400 George St, Brisbane
Cost: FREE

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