Nadia Hernandez - 100% Certain exhibition


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Sydney based, Venezuelan born multidisciplinary artist and designer Nadia Hernandez is no stranger round these parts. Her unique work has been featured right here on Infront a couple of times over the years. This Thursday (Feb 19th) her new solo exhibition 100% Certain, opens at MMPG in Sydney. Hernandez' practice focuses on the exploration of Venezuelan Folklore and reflects on ideologies of social and political change. 

100% Certain pays homage to the artist in an attempt to re-encounter the idiosyncrasies of a culture. Symbolism reoccurs throughout the work as Hernandez attempts to create her own visual legend; “Symbols and text are used to represent ideas of change, rebirth and union.”, says Hernandez. 

Venezuela is a country that is currently polarised and weighed down by political turmoil. Folklore has been disguised and appropriated by the people in power to manipulate - “it’s the binding core of a culture, its customs, art forms and beliefs are there to bring people together - my work is about finding oneself with folklore in order to call for reflection solidarity and union." 


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