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How often is it that you can say you've been a fan of a designers work for over 20 years? Not often I imagine, but this is the case for myself and Letterbox out of Melbourne. Back in 1994 when I was first starting my design degree, I happened upon a small publicaion called Qwerty. This was the first Australian design publication that I truly geeked out on and quickly collected back issues. It discussed typography and Australian design in a gritty manner, mixing found type and unique print techniques in a pocket sized format. I still have all six to this day.

Stephen Banham and team are still producing the goods. I hit him up for some more recent work, but do head on over to the site to explore the typefaces, publications and more that they have produced over the years.

If anyone still has one of their 'Turd Polisher' stickers from the early 2000's - hit me up.

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