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I'm digging the music coming from fairly recent Aussie label, Hobbies Galore. I contacted them to find out more. Alex was kind enough to reply. Here are his responses to my tedious and slightly corny questions:

Alex are you the main man on this label / Can you give me a bit of back story to the people behind Hobbies Galore?
It's just me! I initially was just going to use it to release my own music, or music I had recorded, which it mostly has been.
The vague theme I suppose is that everything is kept fairly no frills, all the releases have either been recorded by myself or someone within each group, usually on a zero dollar budget.

What was the motivation to start your own label?
I mainly wanted to start a label so me and my friends could release things quickly.
Larger labels have a lot larger pressing quantities, advertising campaigns etc. that can mean you finish a record and then wait years for its release. Which has it's advantages, if you have dreams to hit it big.
Having done a few records in a few different groups through a few different labels, I just wanted to make something that was a convenient channel through which folks could release things while they were fresh, and not have to do anything that may compromise the tunes. Ie; not making the bands get photos taken, make video clips, play shows, or do any kind of promotion.
Also not making any press releases for any of the releases, as when I've been involved with labels who have done those, almost every review or opinion has just been the press release in different words.
I wanted to leave everything up to the band and the listener rather than have anything like; who's putting it out, who's in the band, who do I think it sounds like coloring anyone's reaction.

Is HG a "Cassette only" label?, and does each release also then exist elsewhere in other formats like CD , vinyl . etc.
It was at first, I've released vinyl for myself, Blank Realm and The Stroppies.
I have mainly released cassettes as they're cheap and the majority of my recordings had been made using a cassette four track.
I'm keen for each release to sit comfortably on its format, I think people are perhaps a bit less precious with what they put out if it is on cassette, which can make for a more natural, spontaneous and less slick or labored over release.
I mean the imperfections aren't to everyone's taste, but I dig that.

Any new releases coming up?
I have a few actually, they haven't been announced yet but there is an LP and a few tapes from some of my favorite local groups that'll be out this year!

The Hobbies galore logo is pretty sweet, Who created it? It reminds me of one of those illustrations that would show up in teen fiction / adventure type books
The logo came to me in a dream actually ha ha.
I dreamed that I had a logo with two flag topped mountains, with a road winding down them.
The dream also specified the font I ripped off which features on a lot of records I like, and that the flags were to be blowing in different directions. What that means I don't know!
I drew the original one at work which was on the first couple of releases, and then a more competently drawn version was made by Carolyn Hawkins who plays in great rock groups and does lots of top illustrations.

Where are you / the label based?
In a room in my house in Thornbury, Melbourne.

Does HG exist to create gigs  as well,  or just for releasing music?
I'm actually kinda putting on a show in late September. Watch this space!
Initially I didn't want to be doing anything apart from releasing music.
Didn't want to do shows or make t-shirts or whatever, as I don't think the label should have an identity as such... but I mean that stuff is fun so why not.
In moderation.

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