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First up - sorry for the epic delay between posts. We've taken the last month and a half to rethink Aus Infront and are working on a bunch of new things.

So, moving on. The exceptionally talented Dave Foster of Foster Type has relaunched a beautiful, brand new website, and to go along with it - his first commercial typeface, Blanco, via his own foundry.

Blanco is a serif typeface with four weights and italics designed primarily for comfortable, extended reading at smaller text sizes on screen and in print. To license, trial or find out more, head on over to Foster Type.

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  • H_Johnston 14th February 2018 @ 11.53 AM

    Blanco is a really solid text face, if you are looking for a reliable, well crafted, feature-packed text face look no further.

    Thanks for mentioning the new website, it was great to work on.

    Website Design - Harley Johnston
    Website Development – Andy Foster, Luke Myers & Matt Streatfield of Sol1

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  • Birdbeak 16th February 2018 @ 10.01 AM

    Dave is the reason I got into design - he used to frequent a forum I was on, and was always willing to answer my inane questions like "How are signs made" and "what is a vector?"

    He's one talented man, and it fills me with happiness to see him release Blanco. You can tell an insane amount of work has gone into it, and it shows!

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