For the Love of Lids


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To celebrate the launch of the new Harley-Davidson Vintage Bar & Shield helmet, Harley-Davidson Australia has teamed up with 12 of Australia’s edgiest artists to create a unique collection of customised helmets, to be showcased at Mary’s Newtown in Sydney at an exhibition called, ‘For the Love of Lids’.  

This exhibition brings together the works of 12 diverse artists. The final show will feature works from renowned jeweller Sofia Fitzpatrick, illustrators/artists Nanami Cowdroy, numskull, Lachlan Bruce, as well as pinstriper TJ Guzzardi, Tattoo artist Eddy-lou, sculptor Kyle Montgomery, monster artist Sindy Sinn, poster artist Ben Brown and hairdresser Kim Rattenbury to name a few.  

The public exhibition will be held for ten days from 20th November - 30th November at Mary’s Newtown.

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