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I've been a massive fan of Georgia Perry's work for a long time now, so it brings me a great deal of joy being able to have her part of Field Trip and watch her career grow over the last few years. Funnily enough, Georgia first came to my attention via Aus Infront's Visual Response, which she has placed in the top 10 and 20 on several occasions now. Getting involved certainly gets you noticed. Georgia has gone from working at two top Sydney studios to running her own gig in only the last year, not only that, she has her own children's book in the works, not to mention being brought on the Jacky Winter roster. Certainly has been a rollercoaster in a short space of time! We have asked Georgia our standard 10 Qs, you can get to know her a little better before her Field Trip performance.

1. State your name, location, medium, and the last meal you ate.
Georgia Perry
Elizabeth Bay
Pencils, Textas, Paper, Computer
Peanut butter on crumpets (remnants of which are still here on my desk)

2. What are you working on at the moment?
Branding an arts organisation, some book layouts, a couple CD package designs, some editorial illustration, re-designing my website…oh and a few wine labels! Mmmm…wine…

3. Describe the last person you saw do a live talk that really inspired you.
I recently saw David Shrigley speak as part of Vivid Ideas and it was unreal! A very inspiring and obviously hilarious dude.

4. Name a tool of the trade which you use, digital or otherwise, that is absolutely essential to your workflow.
Sketchbooks! I'm constantly doodling and jotting down notes and ideas.

5. What are the top three tracks in your 25 most played iTunes playlist?
Without even checking I can assure you that they're all Beyonce.

6. If you could boil down the most important lesson you've learned as a professional creative to three words, what would they be?
Don't. Stop. Trying.

7. What is your favourite website for comic relief?

8. Can you tell us a bit about your plans for your Field Trip performance?
I plan to try and distract everyone from how nervous I am through lots of pretty colours!

9. What do you hope the Audience will take away from your presentation?
That being a designer isn't just about having snazzy computer skills.

10. Who is your daddy and what does he do?
Mr Perry - taught me almost everything I know.


Thanks Georgia! Looking forward seeing the stage being awash in a sea on bright colours. You can grab tickets for Field Trip from our online store right now. It's selling well so we suggest getting in quick.

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