Beastman X Tel-Aviv

10 Questions with Australian artist, Beastman.


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1 - Can you tell us about your trip to Tel-Aviv?
I was invited to go to Tel Aviv and paint a huge mural as part of the Castro Street Art Project alongside Skount, Ethos, Faith47 and other artists from all over the world. It was a really great experience, Israel is such an interesting country to explore because of its rich history and religious importance. My wife and I also travelled around Turkey after Israel which was also amazing.

2 - Meet any artists you hope to see back on Australian shores for future collabs?
I painted a collaboration while in Tel Aviv with Skount (Spain) and a young artist from Jerusalem, Jack TML, would be good to get them over to Australia to paint for sure.

3 - Semi Permanent Brisbane - You must be excited about that!
Yeh sure, its a bit nerve racking, but I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone, and public speaking is definitely outside the zone.

4 - How is 2012 shaping up? Any more trips planned? Any shows on the bubble?
Lots of things happening for the rest of the year. I am part of an exhibition in Perth later this month at FORM Gallery, so will be heading over there for a week to do the exhibition and paint some walls in Perth too. Im painting some large commission pieces for an office space in Sydney, a small painting for the Kingbrown Launch in New York, working on some clothing designs for Element and have some more murals planned too. Also keep a look out for THE HOURS which is a new joint venture project I am doing with Marty Routledge and Numskull, we are launching it in Sydney in late August.

5 - Who's work are you rating at the moment?
I think Mark Whalen (Kill Pixie) has always killed it, bit he just continues to take his work in crazy new directions, he is top of my list of contemporary Australian artists.

6 - You getting stuck into much design work these days? I am under the influence that graphic design has been a mild part of your life to date.
Nah I don't do much design work at all these days, only small jobs to help out friends etc. I am lucky to be able to constantly be working on my own artwork.

7 - What's your take on Craig and Paul w/ Art Park. We caught wind of your murals in Byron and on the Gold Coast!
The Art Park is great, Craig and Paul have a good eye for art and design and have successfully created a really positive vibe around their brand and gallery space. Always good times and good people up there in Byron.

8 - When can we expect to see you up north again?
As A/D were keen to see you paint with a so called "un-named" friend of yours with October! Pretty excited about that!
I will be up in Brisbane in August for Semi Permanent, and then on Gold Coast in October for A/D which I am really looking forward to.

9 - Any one you wanna shout out to?
Shout out to all the guys in the studio - Nummy, Yackson, Phibby, Max, Alsweiler, Bennett, Birdy, Ferson, Dan and Sheep - these guys are daily inspiration and motivation for me.

10 - Who do you want to see partake in the next Australian Infront 10 Q's?

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  • katjabak 18th June 2012 @ 2.59 PM

    Digging this 10 Q's with thing.

    Good to hear from Beastman, love his work.

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